Nonwoven lab lines

The followings are our testing equipment: the blue font models are the original models of German Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH, some models of them can be manufactured at Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co., Ltd. in China, the grey font models are the original models of Huada, which have been integrated and upgraded by Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH in Germany. Unify the appearance style & material and optimize the structure, promoting the overall performance greatly. For example: the stable running of the machine, the standardization of components, refine the design integration of parts, CE safety conformance and so on.

After the company's merging and integration, more German Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH's technologies have been injected into the original Huada models, design upgraded and overall production cost decreased. Partial Germany original models can be manufactured in China, to meet with some customers’ requirements in performance and price level. All in all, the mergers and acquisitions brings not only the development chance to KEIMEI, but also some good news to the market and users.

Equipment trademark after company acquisition is KMD, which is short for Kneten . Mischen . Dispergieren. Stand for kneading, mixing and dispersing in English.

Lab Equipment for Melt Spinning Nonwovens: Spun-bond, Melt-blown and SMS Nonwovens. SMS is combined by S series + M series + S series.

Melt-blown Nonwovens Lab Equipment-Bi-component units

Melt-blown Nonwovens Lab Equipment-Mono-component units

Spun-bond Nonwovens Lab Equipment - Bi-component units

Spun-bond Nonwovens Lab Equipment - Mono-component units

SMS Nonwovens Lab Equipment - Bi-component units

SMS Nonwovens Lab Equipment - Mono-component units

General characteristics:

○ Suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, e.g., PP, PA, PET, PLA, etc.
○ Easy to clean, channels where the melted materials flow smoothly; no need to be disassembled for cleaning. The materials are easier to change.
○ The temperature of the quenching is adjustable between 15~25℃.
○ The height of the quenching is adjustable to meet the application needs for the crystallization and cooling of different polymeric materials.
○ Cantilever structure, easy experimental operation, easy experimental observation.
○ Spinneret is easy to change.

The type of spinneret aperture is variable.

○ Thermal bonding device with a unique electrical heating system for more flexible and convenient temperature control.
○ Thermal bonding system can be equipped with a variety of pressure rolls with different patterns, also suitable for use in the technology of Spun-lace nonwovens.
○ The combination of the equipment can be configured according to application needs, such as SS, SMS, SSMMS, etc.
○ Change from mono-component to bi-component : only necessary to add the extruder and spinning modules.
○ Change from bi-component to mono-component : a. interchangeable spinning module ; b. use the same material.


Basic Technical Data of Nonwoven Lab Equipment for Mono-component (Please contact us for bi-component if required)

Changes to this technical data will occur and new information will be added, please check our latest information.

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