KEIMEI offers Bi-component & Multi-combination type Nonwoven Lab Equipments for the pioneers’ R&D in“R5 Era”


June 1, 2018

German Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH keep on launching various Bi-component & Multi-combination type Nonwoven Lab Equipments for the pioneers R&D in“R5 Era

With more and more differentiation demands for nonwoven products and the arrival of R5 Era, bi-component and composite functions have become as important developing tendency in the field of non-woven fabric today. Relying on the plasticizing technology KEIMEI specialized, and integrating material, process and fiber technology resources, KEIMEI launched high-end customized Mini type fiber & nonwoven lab equipments in the recent past, and meanwhile keep on deeply developing bi-component lab equipment in order to meet with various demands of R5 Era pioneers on the material & process verification before mass production and the product diversity front-end development     in the production stage. Presently, the design of SMS-150 Bico nonwoven lab equipment has been completed, and will be installed in KEIMEIs Nano material plant in Asia by the end of 2018, later on the SMS-300 Bico nonwoven lab equipment will be added by the end of 2019.This series of SMS Bico nonwoven lab equipment will be equipped with:

■ Bi-component spunbond system, sheath-core type (concentric core), eccentric core and  side-by-side, other types such as segment-pie and island-in-sea etc. can be 

      added according to needs.

■ Bi-component meltblown system, sheath-core type (concentric core) and side-by-side type.

■ Could produce PP/PE, PP/PET, PE/PET, PE/PA, COPET/PA and various composite bi-component fibers.

■ Spinning speed can reach 6000m/min

■ The minimum fiber size of spunbond is 1.2d, the minimum fiber size of meltblown is 1.0μm.

■ Dual-drawing system, can be applied to the study of various materials and processes, multifunction in one, easy to switch the units for different researches.

■ High precision calender bonding unit, the run-out and clearance tolerance of the bonding rollers reflect the level of German manufacturing industry. 

      It can be equipped with a variety of pattern rollers for quick switch, which will convenient to the study of fabric surface effect and hand feel etc. 

■ Can equip with high pressure spunlace bonding unit, used for research of spunlace fabric.

■ Can equip with hot-air oven for the heat bonding.

■ The effective width is 150mm, low material and energy consumption and do trial runs quickly. The effective width can be customized 

      according to demands from 150 to 500mm.


KEIMEI SMS-150 Bico nonwoven lab equipment will assist the development of Spunmelt nonwoven technology through applying different raw materials and different composite forms, and will also assist the pioneers of "R5 era" increase the added value of products through innovation and differentiation.

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