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Announcement on the divestiture of equipment-based business

Dear customers,

In order to further meet the growing market demand of KMD equipment products and enhance the supply capacity of equipment products, KEIMEI has recently divested equipment products from the company's business and established a new company specializing in operating equipment products, expanding and strengthening equipment manufacturing capacity, specialized in machining, plasticizing equipment manufacturing, intelligent production line manufacturing, etc. The information of the newly established equipment manufacturing company is as follows:

Triumph Equipment Manufacturing (Yantai) Co., Ltd.
Official website:
Tel: 86-535-3127710

Triumph Equipment Manufacturing (Yantai) Co., Ltd.
Manufactured under the authority of KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH, Germany.
• Non-woven lab equipment with air drawing type.
• Fiber Spinning lab equipment with mechanical drawing type.
• Biopolymer fiber lab equipment.
• Twin-screw extrusion equipment.
• Processing of related equipment accessories.

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation with KEIMEI, and KEIMEI & Triumph Equipment will work together to provide you with better quality products, faster delivery and better service!

Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co., Ltd.
June 16, 2020

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