Company Profile

Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co., Ltd., specializes in the manufacturing of Eisvogel nanotechnology products, and promoting the application technology of Eisvogel nanomaterials. The main products are masterbatches made from color pigments and functional additives.

The plant covers 80,000㎡, has more than 50 production lines and a capacity of 20,000 tons per year. The Eisvogel nano-grade masterbatches are typically applied to micro fiber's coloration and endow various functionality. The base polymers of the micro fiber are normally PP, PA and PET, application fields such as melt-spin Spunbond & Meltblown nonwoven, carpet fiber, textile fiber, etc.

Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co., Ltd is the new company name after the merger with the former company, Yantai Huada Nano Materials Co., Ltd., which was established in 1993. HUADA had more than 20 years of manufacturing experience of masterbatches, had a strong technical team and robust R & D capabilities, and had an established market recognition, built over a long period time. Their products were mainly used in the field of nonwovens and carpet fibers for domestic and global markets and it had established a good corporate reputation over the years. The recent acquisition by Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH in Germany enables new manufacturing technologies for nano materials to be implemented into the production capabilities of the new company. It also represents an important strategic move in the world market for KEIMEI, by now having a large production base in Asia. By expanding the production capabilities and having a manufacturing facility in close proximity to Asia-Pacific customers allows for faster service and greater efficiencies in technical support.

Company History

2016 The company re-registered by KEIMEI Germany and took the holding. The new top management team was delegated by Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH (Germany) and takes over the operation as well as the management of the newly formed company.

2014 Innovative nanotechnology from Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH in Germany was introduced to HUADA and applied to meltblown nonwovens’ coloration.

2012 The infrastructure of Yantai Huada Nano Materials project completed, with some facilities put into use.

2011 The color masterbatches, which are made from Nano-pigments, achieved a big breakthrough on the application of meltblown nonwoven’s coloration.

2010 The project of Yantai Huada Nano Materials Co.,Ltd was launched in Longkou High & New Technology Development Zone.

2008 Some varieties of nano-pigments began mass production.

2007 Nano-pigments were developed successfully.

2005 Nano-pigments and other functional nano-materials R&D was officially started.

2001 Hangzhou King Business Color Masterbatches Co.,Ltd. was established and put into use for masterbatch production.

2000 Guangzhou Grain Plastic Co.,Ltd. was established and put into use for masterbatch production.

1998 Fiber masterbatch project startup.

1993 The company was founded and focused on the development and manufacture of plastic masterbatches.

Quality Assurance

·Excellent software and hardware ensures the stability of product quality.
·Effective ISO9001 management;
·Outstanding management team;
·Advanced automatic production lines.


Precision production equipments and laboratory equipments are designed and manufactured in Germany.


The plant has more than 50 production lines and boasts a capacity of 20,000 tons per year. The products are typically used in nonwovens, carpet fibers, films, engineering plastics and other application fields. Therefore the main production polymers are PP, PE, PA, PET, etc.

Infrastructure and Environment

Factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters;
Plenty of power supply, various supporting facilities;
Clean factory environment;
Close to ports, airports, highways, train stations and owns convenient transportation.

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